The amount of misleading information and myths related to fat loss you can find on the Internet is huge these days. Those who tried to lose weight or body fat before, have probably heard these misconceptions and already know how to pick them apart. However, beginners need to be more cautious.

The old myths never die and the new ones are coming in. How to distinguish what is true from what is false? It’s time to bust The 6 Biggest Fat Burning Myths You Should Ignore!

You Must Eat 5–7 Times a Day to Lose Fat Fast

Unless you are a professional athlete, you don’t need to eat 7 times a day to lose fat. Disregard these fat loss tips saying you should eat 2–3 times a day. This will not boost your metabolism as you might expect. Truth is, you will lose body fat if you spend more calories than you eat. …

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There’s a difference between becoming a raw food dieter and a “raw vegan.” Although, both have lots in common, however, when you are a raw food dieter, you can eat some meat products when you feel like it, which is not what “raw vegans” do. Raw vegans are those who go their lives eating only raw vegetables and fruits and they’re dedicated not to eat any animal product and not even eggs or milk.

Some raw food dieters include raw dairy products, raw meats or eggs, raw fish, and still some cooked animal products, as well. …

I want to make sure that you take this diet in the correct direction; I’ll guide you through a five-step process to ensure that you get on track with the raw food diet:

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1. Start by making your plate half-filled with raw fibres; vegetables & fruits. Bonushey’sonushey’schy raw food, if you want to add slightly cooked at the beginning, it’s okay.

2. You have a lot of options with cooking your raw foods, like; juicing, cooking the food at a temperature less than 100 degrees, sprouting, steaming, and using slow cookers are all ways to gently while preserving the same nutritional benefits The power is in your hands to individualize, your diet, however, you want and eat what you like within the options we recommend for you. …

Vitamin D is dangerous.” “You must be very careful with fat-soluble vitamin.” “Vitamin D can easily become toxic and result in many problems.” “It is risky to require quite 1,000 units of calciferol per day.” have you ever ever heard statements like these? I’ve got. Probably a month doesn’t blow over before I am told that some doctor said the maximum amount when he discovered I had prescribed a “dangerously high dose of fat-soluble vitamin.” …

Most of the people those who are conscious about fitness might have heard that there might be 3,500 calories in a pound of fat, so people might be doing a lot of things to lose calories thinking that if they reduce 3,500 calories in a week they lose one pound of weight and if they reduce 7000 calories they lose two pounds of weight, but how far is it correct? An investigator at the national institute of health in Bethesda, Dr Kevin Hall has done many types of research about the mechanisms that regulate the human body weight. After doing the research he has recently published in the international journal of obesity a new paper. …

Cancer is that the uncontrolled growth of cells which over the time develops tumours yet as starts killing and targeting the conventional healthy cells of the body by making them empty of nutrition and oxygen supply. When the breast is full of cancer; it’s referred to as carcinoma. In today’s world carcinoma is one amongst the foremost common styles of cancer experienced. It mostly happens in women; however, men don’t seem to be completely safe of it. In incidences of carcinoma, ones’ breasts start to behave weirdly and multiple visible/ non-visible changes occur.

Listed Down Are The 5 Unconventional Signs Of Breast…

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Heavy or light bleeding during the period is completely different from noticing light bleeding, called spotting before your period. It might cause confusion and anxiety and you will think about running to the doctor to find out if something is wrong. However, in the majority of the cases, spotting is normal and there is nothing to be worried about. Here we have listed a few causes for you to understand why spotting occurs and when it is necessary to meet the doctor.

Reasons For Spotting Before Period:

1. Birth Control

Birth control can alter the body and cause slight spotting in between the period cycle. Especially, when you have IUD inserted, spotting before the period is common in the initial six months. In case, you are taking oral contraceptives, spotting can occur when you start and stop taking the pills. …

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Pregnancy is one such optimal introduce the lifetime of a women where-in she’s going to experience lots of emotional alterations besides the physical one in a very considerable manner. One such most prominent change is that the hyped level of burning sensation within the skin. within the most extreme and exceptional case, the feeling becomes adverse can affect your stomach or it may also arise adjoining the breasts. Many times, this burning sensation can go along severe tingling or rashes on your skin

research conducted on this subject has revealed this proven fact that repeatedly hormonal alterations occurring your body during pregnancy may incredibly enhance the degree of estrogen similarly as progesterone that is consequently to blame for causing this burning sensation on your skin. Highlighted below are the 6 outstanding strategies that one should follow to cope with skin burning sensation in a very commendable manner at large. …

Is drinking lots of water, and weight loss, related issues? There’s controversy … you decide

Medical researchers and nutritional experts seem to be in some disagreement over whether those recommended 8 glasses of water and weight loss have anything to do with one another. Most diet programs are staunch supporters of the plenty-of-water theory.

A recent, credible, but small, German study found that drinking water throughout the day, in measured intervals, caused an increase in metabolic rates, of approximately 30%, among both men and women. When your metabolic rate increases, you naturally burn more calories, right? A 30% increase in metabolic rate is substantial. …

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Pregnancy is one such phase in women’s life when a women attention gets diverted from herself towards her baby. At times, she may feel dizziness, weakness or even loss of stamina and all these factors are quite common to experience during this remarkable phase known as pregnancy. More aptly, pregnancy is one time of a women’s life where-in she should be quite considerate in doing all the exercises or routine regimes in a most remarkable way.

Usually, medical practitioners suggest to follow-up an average walk of about 15–20 minutes for every pregnant woman. This will immensely keep her stay active, healthy, enhancing the stamina of your body besides attaining a sound muscle control during pregnancy besides maintaining an optimal balance of your body. Besides all these, there are certain well-required and quite an amazing lower body exercises that are highly required to be followed by every pregnant woman at large. Emphasized below are 5 of such amazing lower-body exercises that should be optimally required to be followed by every pregnant woman. …


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