There’s a difference between becoming a raw food dieter and a “raw vegan.” Although, both have lots in common, however, when you are a raw food dieter, you can eat some meat products when you feel like it, which is not what “raw vegans” do. Raw vegans are those who go their lives eating only raw vegetables and fruits and they’re dedicated not to eat any animal product and not even eggs or milk.

Some raw food dieters include raw dairy products, raw meats or eggs, raw fish, and still some cooked animal products, as well. There’s no certain percentage or ratio of raw versus cooked food in the raw food diet, the goal here is to live a healthy natural life.

What do raw vegans eat?

Vegans on the raw food diet don’t eat or drink any animal products whatsoever and quite a few cooked foods. The raw vegan eating style can be hard to keep up with and unattainable for several people.

On top of all that, there are lots of nutrients found in animal foods and benefits, so it’s okay to include some of them once in a while in your diet. For instance, chicken liver or kidneys, are frequently called “Superfoods” and are the most nutrient-dense foods there are as they are extremely high in nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin B (with its derivatives), iron and phosphorus.

Fermented Foods Importance in a Raw Food Diet:

Fermented foods are some of the healthiest types of foods when it comes to eating a raw food diet. Fermented foods are raw and generally grow probiotics as they undergo fermentation, which is when oxygen converts some, but not all, of the nutrients. People all over the world and from many different cultures have been eating for several years in the form of yoghurt, kombucha, sourdough bread, kefir, and some vegetables like kimchi, sauerkraut, and kvass.

Probiotics that are produced as food is fermented are “good bacteria” that live in your gut, and they are responsible for nutrient absorption and maintaining your immune system. Fermented food helps you to repopulate your stomach with beneficial microbiota after you’ve started the process of detoxifying away built-up toxins and waste you built up over the years in your system.

Probiotic foods promote a healthy microbiome, which is amazingly great for your digestive system (helping you with proper weight loss), help clear up your skin, enhance immunity, and are even useful for managing hormonal balance and a healthy weight loss journey.