The 6 Biggest Fat Burning Myths You Should Ignore

The amount of misleading information and myths related to fat loss you can find on the Internet is huge these days. Those who tried to lose weight or body fat before, have probably heard these misconceptions and already know how to pick them apart. However, beginners need to be more cautious.

The old myths never die and the new ones are coming in. How to distinguish what is true from what is false? It’s time to bust The 6 Biggest Fat Burning Myths You Should Ignore!

You Must Eat 5–7 Times a Day to Lose Fat Fast

Unless you are a professional athlete, you don’t need to eat 7 times a day to lose fat. Disregard these fat loss tips saying you should eat 2–3 times a day. This will not boost your metabolism as you might expect. Truth is, you will lose body fat if you spend more calories than you eat.

Although eating every 2–3 hours might increase your metabolism, it will not necessarily help you to lose fat. So, the most important thing is to consume fewer calories. You can have 3–4 meals a day as opposed to eating every 2 hours. You will achieve the same result and will not need to worry about forgetting one of your 7 meals.

If you are a bodybuilder or a professional athlete, eating 5–7 times a day might be a better option for you.

Don’t Eat at Night

These days to not eat at night is impossible because it means you cannot enjoy dinner with your family or friends. This restriction is another misconception about body fat burning and weight loss. Many people get discouraged by this limitation and prefer to not a diet at all. Truth is, you can eat at night if your daily calorie intake is low enough.

According to recent research, there is no difference in weight loss results between those who eat at night and those who eat early in the morning. However, the fat loss results were better in those who ate their food after 6 PM. Another study concluded that it is better to eat carbs at night than in the morning. It helps to burn faster and to feel less hungry throughout the day.

The reason for that is a growth hormone. This hormone controls how much fat your body loses, and how much muscle it gains. Growth Hormone is at its peak at night, while you are sleeping and turns off when you have your breakfast. The best way to make your Growth hormone work better is to have breakfast later than usual and enjoy most of your calories during dinner. It

You Have to Do Lots of Cardio

Many people believe that doing lots of cardio every day will help them to burn fat. For that reason, they choose to do low intensity but long duration cardio hoping to shred some body fat.

Any workout will contribute to your weight and fat loss goals, but a large amount of that loss will consist of muscle. That’s why jogging for an hour is a complete waste of time. The less lean muscle you have on your body, the faster your body will keep. The reason for that is your Basal Metabolic Rate, which is defined as several calories you burn during rest periods to support your muscle mass.

The bigger amount of the lean muscle you have on your body, the higher will be your Basal Metabolic Rate. Moreover, your hormones will be unaffected by low intensity but long duration cardio. This can result in a decrease in fat loss rate during your post-workout hours.

If you want to lose body fat, you should focus on building muscle. Opt for a high-intensity interval workout and a strength training. Recent research showed that high-intensity interval training is significantly more efficient than low-intensity cardio because it makes your body burn fat even after you stop exercising.

In addition to that, forget about intense training every day. Your body needs training but it also needs to recover. You may want to exercise two days and take a day off because exercising more than two days in a row is not necessary and even can be harmful.

Eat Low Fat Foods

Many people believe in this myth that eating low-fat foods can help them to lose fat fast. In reality, the best tip on how to lose body fat is to control your calorie intake, which is not always related to a fat intake. Eating fat will not make you fat, but the excess calories will do.

Eat these fat-rich foods that are good for your health and beneficial for a fat loss: fatty fish, olive oil, pine nuts, avocado, and olives. Reduce your gain weight. Control your calorie intake and don’t believe in “low fat” labels blindly.

Avoid Eating Fruits to Lose Body Fat

Avoiding fruits will not help you lose body fat. This is another fat loss misconception. Fruits contain a lot of sugar, but they are difficult to overeat and are relatively low in calories. Moreover, fruits are rich in various minerals and vitamins.

Your overall calorie intake is the most important factor when it comes to fat burning. You will never get fat by eating too many watermelons, apples or cranberries. In addition to that, the amount of natural sugar found in fruits will not affect your fat loss results. Fruits are extremely beneficial to your health.

You Burn Fat When You Sweat

This is one of the most common fats burning myths. Sweat is just a fluid loss, unrelated to a fat loss. Sweating doesn’t burn fat, it helps to control and balance your body temperature.

If you are making high-impact exercise and you are sweating, you will-will burn fat, but that will happen because of your increased heart rate, not because of sweat. Many people force themselves to work out in hot conditions or wear heavy clothes to enhance their fat burning process. Remember, that sweating too much is not healthy, don’t force it. It can lead to dehydration.

Forget about wrapping yourself with plastic bags for the night and don’t believe in advertisements of such products. Wrapping yourself with plastic can lead to dangerous health issues by not letting your body cool itself adequately, not to mention the lack of effect, loss of time and money.

Sometimes it seems that old misconceptions and myths never die. Despite having access to lots of information, people still believe the same fat-burning Myths and continue doing the same mistakes. Although most of these myths are harmless, they will waste your time and decrease your motivation when trying to lose weight and fat. Ignoring these 6 fat loss myths will help you to dedicate your energy on the right methods.

How to lose fat for life? Control your calorie intake, avoid junk food, exercise and you will reach your goals.