The secret of losing weight

Most of the people those who are conscious about fitness might have heard that there might be 3,500 calories in a pound of fat, so people might be doing a lot of things to lose calories thinking that if they reduce 3,500 calories in a week they lose one pound of weight and if they reduce 7000 calories they lose two pounds of weight, but how far is it correct? An investigator at the national institute of health in Bethesda, Dr Kevin Hall has done many types of research about the mechanisms that regulate the human body weight. After doing the research he has recently published in the international journal of obesity a new paper. And in the new paper, he has thrown a wrench in the ideas about losing the pound of weight by reducing the 3,500 calories.

Though there are many things which are not liked by all in his papers he has given a lot of simple tips and they are also practical, those tips can be used by all to balance their caloric intake with output, and everybody can maintain calories with his wonderful tips. Losing the weight of pound in reducing 3,500 calories was the rule of thumb but when the figure goes to research it is very clearly known that the weight loss should be adipose tissue that is ideal.

The lean body mass does not contain body fat much, so the lean body could indicate that the 3,500 calorie figure is an oversimplification, the lean people lose more and these lean bodies more body fat, it is not the question whether the body is lean or fat but the thing is that what is the required energy that is a deficit for weight loss. If the person loses more lean body mass then he loses more weight than fat.